Sunday, September 20, 2009

Statement of Beliefs


1. We believe that the Constitution of the United States of America was designed to protect the liberties and freedoms of American citizens, and that it is the duty of all elected officials, legislators, and government employees to defend those liberties.

2. We believe, as outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the government is never to infringe upon the freedoms, lives, or personal choices of its citizens. The government should never infringe upon personal beliefs, religion, free speech, or the free market of Capitalism.

3. We believe that it is not the place of the government to redistribute wealth between socioeconomic classes, nor to make economic, social, or personal decisions for us, that in any way may shift power from the People to the Government. We are to be allowed to make our own choices, and likewise pay the consequences for those choices, legal, moral, monetary, or otherwise.

4. We believe that the government is not to punish, reward, or discriminate based on race, gender, or religious affiliation. The government is not to institute any one ‘state religion’ or philosophy, but is not to bar any religion from its affairs or infringe upon its rights under the banner of ‘separation of church and state’.

5. We believe in both moral and fiscal responsibility in all of our officials, and that all legislature placed before Congress must be read and considered carefully before it is voted upon. Elected officials must properly and honestly represent their constituencies, and vote based accurately on the views and values that they pledged on when elected.

6. We believe that the United States of America is the greatest country on earth, not only because of the political and governmental system that it was founded upon, but because of the integrity of its people. We will hold ourselves to higher standards than the cultural norm in both word and action, and will expect the same from our elected officials.

7. We believe in integrity, common sense, honesty, and responsibility; not partisanship. We also believe that any changes in policy and culture should occur through open debate based on facts, not through degradation, name-calling, intimidation, or violence.

8. We believe in America’s Christian heritage; not in that all of our citizens or officials are Christian, but that the Constitution was founded upon Biblical, Judeo-Christian principles. Holding this view is not discriminatory, but is instead a statement of fact that is to be proud of because of the cultural, philosophical, political, and religious diversity that it allows and encourages.

9. We believe that America is a sovereign, independent nation; that being so, participation in the workings of the government, including voting rights, belong only to native-born or nationalized citizens.

10. We believe in the education of our peers, our elders, and all fellow Americans, in order for them to make wise, informed decisions in regard to their government, and that any real change is made initiated by the People, not the Government alone.

11.We believe that, as young Americans, the responsibility of ensuring the prosperous future of our country for ourselves and our peers falls on us, not only on the generations before us. We will keep ourselves informed, open-minded, and dedicated to the protection and well-being of our country and the principles that it was founded upon. We will defend the Constitution and its ideals against all those who threaten our freedoms as Americans. We will be respectful in all open debate, but pledge to rise up against those who wish to redefine the Constitution for their interests, or threaten to shift power away from the People and to themselves or the government.