Sunday, September 20, 2009


What is REformation?:
REformation is the official blog and online communication and debate center for the Young Americans for a Responsible Government, a local coalition of Conservative Americans who want to become more politically aware and active.

What is the goal of YARG/REformation?:
REformation is a conservative political discussion group whose mission is to bring together like-minded individuals, to educate our peers about current events and important policies, and to get America’s youth interested, involved, and excited about both our heritage and where we are headed as a community and a nation.

How does REformation plan to accomplish these goals?:
REformation is intended to start out as an online community for open discussion and debate, and will hopefully move toward regular public meetings in the near future, assembling at places such as coffee shops, churches, schools, or other public venues within the SoCal area.

Where is REformation located?:
The SoCal REformation project is based out of the Corona-Norco-Riverside area of California.

What are the requirements for membership in YARG/the REformation blog?:
Members must be within the High School/College age group (although mature Jr. Highers are welcome as well), reside within the Corona-Norco-Riverside area (or within driving distance to said area), and must agree with Statement of Beliefs of the YARG.

Do I have to be well-versed in politics in order to join?:
Not at all. The goal of REformation is to educate and debate a broad number of issues and topics, and is open to anyone who wishes to participate and get involved in the future of our nation.

Do I have to agree with the Beliefs of YARG in order to post here?:
No; however, please keep your comments within the Open Forum section of the site. The rest of the site is intended chiefly for members.

I want to get involved with YARG/REformation! How can I do that?
For starters, you can ‘sign’ our Statement of Beliefs by reading over them and, if you agree, sending an email stating your agreement to with your first name and initial(s) as you would like it to appear on the site, as well as your IntenseDebate screen name, if it is different from that name. Your name will appear on the Members page. Once you are a member, engage in the online debates and discussions here, spread the word about REformation to like minded (or not-so-like-minded) friends, and attend future public meetings of the YARG. If you still want to become even more involved, Staff positions may soon become available—provided that the project grows as intended. So to ensure that it does grow, keep up the discussion, and keep spreading the word around! We need YOUR help to expand!