Monday, September 21, 2009

Cutting the Red Tape: Important Information About the Blog

Welcome to the ‘grand opening’ of REformation: the official blog of Young Americans for a Responsible Government!

You are probably here because you’re interested in politics to some extent; or perhaps you have a friend who’s interested in politics and directed you here; or maybe you’re not interested in politics at all, and you just happened to have stumbled upon this page quite by accident. Well, no matter the circumstances of your arrival to this humble site, I welcome your inquiry and civil discussions, and request that before continuing to read the rest of this post that you would please check out those lovely links on the sidebar to your left. There’s loads of information about the organization on there, as well as directives as to how to join the organization as a Member, if you so choose.

Did you read all that? Good. Did you send an email requesting membership (if you agree with the Statement of Beliefs)? Great. Now you’re probably wondering, ‘How do I get in on the conversation?’ Please, do not register with Blogger in order to comment! Instead, register an account with IntenseDebate (if you don’t see the link for commenting/registering here, click the title of this post), preferably using your first name and initial(s) as specified in the Rules and Guidelines section, so as to avoid confusion around here while still preserving some sense of anonymity. (If you must use a ‘screen name’ due to account availability, please make sure that it contains your first name somewhere.) If you have any trouble with registration, please contact me at

Okay, so now you have your IntenseDebate account, and if you ‘signed’ the Statement of Beliefs (in order to become an ‘official’ Member instead of just a commenter), you’re name should soon appear on a nice little list on that aforementioned sidebar.

Now what?

We get started, that’s what.

Each week, a new topic will be chosen and posted on the ‘home page’ by myself (or, in the near future, another commentator) to be discussed. (There will be such a post shortly following this one.) This is also the page where important or interesting articles will be diplayed. In addition to this page, there is the Open Forum section of the site, which is just that: a place for open debate and discussion on whatever topic strikes your fancy. Also, all Members are welcome and encouraged to post links there as well. Just be sure that whatever articles are posted also follow the Rules and Guidelines for the site.

So that’s the ‘scoop’ on the REformation blog. I will be posting details about future meetings and ‘outreach’ plans at a later time. Until then: stay informed, have fun, and happy debating!
--Meghan H.